A corporate or promotional video is the perfect tool to showcase your business, event or product.
From a product demo to a full promotional shoot, we have all the necessary resources to produce stunning results.

Shooting in HD (or UltraHD if required), we cover all stages of the production and work closely with you throughout the entire process.
Each video produced includes the full edit with the finished video provided as a digital file for you to use as you wish.

Our video services include:

• Full video production • Promotional • Corporate • Event • Product • Demo • HD / UltraHD • Motion graphics and animations • Upload to chosen media • 360 virtual reality tours (VR)

Video packages

‘Talking head’ shoot

‘Your business’ shoot

‘Enhanced video’ shoot

Ideal to shoot client testimonials / case studies or to have staff discuss the business or product on camera. A half day shoot with a single camera, lenses, lighting and sound recording equipment plus edit to create a maximum 5 minute video.

Bring the viewer into your business, showing the premises, staff and facilities plus staff or client interviews shot on the day help tell your story. Perfect for a larger more in-depth promo for your business. A full day shoot with a single camera, lenses, lighting and sound recording equipment plus full day edit to create a maximum 5 minute video with a set of changes.

The ‘Your Business’ shoot taken a step up – we’ll animate both your company logo and onscreen name graphics throughout the video plus utilise subtitles where necessary.

A few examples of our work:

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Having an immersive virtual panorama allows your audience to be immersed in a seamless 360 degree visual environment that offers far more contextual information than a series of static images. Let your customers and prospects ‘walk through’ your premises, showcasing your business. All can be uploaded to your website, social media pages and most to Google maps.

From a simpler ‘street view’ experience to a 360˚ video tour, giving movement and live action, we can supply the solution that suits your requirements and your budget best.

Package options:

Standard – this is a regular Google virtual tour, shot and edited and uploaded to Google maps / streetview and we also take some stills to go on Google Maps and Google+ as well as facebook etc. The finished tour can also be used on the website, social media pages and the Cardboard VR.
Bespoke – this takes the standard option up a level and has a dropdown menu which links all the different areas of the business. So you could go from the lobby to offices and bypass the warehouse for example. With the Standard tour, it has to be done in a linear route so this can’t be done. This bespoke option can go on the website, social media pages but won’t go on Google maps like this as they don’t have a facility for the menu system. We would upload a Standard version to there.
Video – this would be the latest version of the service and we would film the tour with up to 6 GoPros cameras, on a specially built rig. The video option works in the same way as the other options in that, you view from a fixed point, but we would of course be able to see movement and live action going on. We could also add a presenter into this option to talk to the viewer whilst they look around. We can help script write for a presenter too.


google vr headset

Custom Branded Google VR Headsets

To give an even greater immersive experience, we can add your brand to and supply Google Cardboard VR headsets. Used in conjunction with a smartphone with screen size up to 6’ this is a perfect PR tool and one that can be used over and over again.

Virtual reality tour examples:

Virtual reality video
With navigation menu
Virtual reality video


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